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Tech it Up for Spring Dell!

Spring Dell 2016 #GivingTuesday

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Part of Spring Dell's mission focuses on enhancing skills needed for career exploration and personal success related to navigating through the community such as social interaction and money management. Adaptive technology will aid this program by providing multi-sensory tools, software, and applications that staff can use to create innovative opportunities within the program. An example includes learning budgeting skills and understanding navigation routes or detours before leaving the house to complete everyday tasks such as shopping, volunteering or even going to work.

Adaptive technology such as tablets, software applications, and SMART Boards provide the capability to integrate videos, PowerPoint presentations and employability tools while on the move. Alongside the proper training, staff will be able to implement technology that will increase engagement through interactive work experiences, career exploration options, and expansion of current programs while out in the community. With the assistance of assistive technology as a tool, interactive skill development and teaching possibilities remain endless!